For Pete's Sake: Critical observations from Seahawks preseason Week 2 win

The Seahawks defeated the Cowboys in preseason Week 2 and we learned quite a bit about the team.
Aug 10, 2023; Seattle, Washington, USA; Seattle Seahawks cornerback Tre Brown (22)
Aug 10, 2023; Seattle, Washington, USA; Seattle Seahawks cornerback Tre Brown (22) / Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports
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Seahawks defense and special teams light it up

The fourth quarter begins with Dallas at Seattle's 21. John Rhattigan drops Vaughn for a one-yard loss. On second down, Grier fires to the end zone, but Tre Brown sticks with his receiver, then cuts in front to intercept the ball at the goal line. Right now, if I'm the Seahawks, I am definitely starting Brown over Jackson. Yeah, I know it's Will Grier, but that was still a great play. K.J. Wright, I owe you an apology, sir. Seattle ball at their own 20.

The Hawks pick up six yards on a play action pass to the tight end, then Ahlers picks up eight yards on a nice scramble. A short run, then Ahlers hits Lindsey over the middle for 16 yard and the first down. John Hall can't come up with a one-handed garb, then Ahlers is sacked, avoiding disaster as he picked up his own fumble. The Hawks call a draw on third and long, and SaRodorick Thompson rips off a huge run of about 50 yards to pick up the first. Incredibly, it was the first time Seattle converted on third down since their first scoring drive of the game. After review, he was shown to have *barely* stepped out of bounds at the Dallas 30. It was still good for 29 yards and the first down.

Ahlers misses on a deep throw to the end zone, then scrambles for seven yards. On third and three, he tries to force the ball into ridiculously tight coverage, and the Dallas defender easily knocks the ball away. Ahlers had two other receivers open, but tried for the big play instead of the smart play. That's the kind of thing that sends you to the practice squad - not that he'd move ahead of Lock anyway. Myers makes the chip shot 36-yard field goal, and Seattle extends the lead to 20-14. Myers has looked solid on the field goals, but I'm concerned that Dallas has returned four kickoffs on the night. Only one ball made it out of the end zone. We need those deep kicks, Jason.

The KING-5 broadcast is much more interested in the Michael Bennett interview of Tyler Lockett than the Cowboys first two plays of the drive, as they didn't show the action. Frankly, I agree with the decision completely. Okay, so it's Dallas with a third and nine. After pressuring the pocket most of the night, Derick Hall gets his first sack. On the ensuing punt, John Hall blocks the punt and Jake Bobo just missed picking up the ball in the end zone. He did force the Cowboys player to step out of the end zone, so safety, Seahawks! What a block by Hall. I'll admit, if Bobo had 4.98 speed instead of 4.99, he would have had that ball. Kidding, 12s. He made a great play to force the safety, but what a play by Hall.

Seahawks ball, two quick plays and it's third and seven. Ahlers scrambles for 17 yards, and it's first down Seahawks at the Cowboys 47. A false start moves it back to Hawks territory, but Tyjon Lindsey is swallowed up on a sweep, despite eluding two tacklers. On second and 18, Ahlers hits the tight end for seven yards over the middle. Ahlers scrambles out of the pocket and hits Lindsey over the middle for the first down. Two straight runs by SaRodorick Thompson gets the ball to the Dallas 35. Third and three again, and Ahlers lets the ball sail out of bounds. Did Jason Myers pay this dude to get the extra practice? Uh oh, he needed it, as he just misses the 43-yarder wide left. Dallas takes over down 22-14.

The Cowboys quickly move the ball into Hawks territory courtesy of a mid-range pass followed by pass interference on, I guess, Boykin? The refs called it on a number Seattle doesn't have on the roster, so cool, cool. Two minute warning, and it's second down Dallas just inside the Seattle 31. Third and three but the Cowboys receiver can't come up with the rifled pass. Fourth down, 1:37 to go in a preseason game, and Pete Carroll calls a timeout. Always, always compete, right? Grier scrambles out of trouble, scrambles deeper, then is sacked by Tyreke Smith, along with Jordan Ferguson and Levi Bell. The Seahawks take over somewhere in the parking lot. I guess Pete made the right call on that timeout, huh? Seattle runs out the clock, and it's another win, 22-14.