For Pete's Sake: Critical observations from the Seahawks preseason week 3 loss

The Seahawks finished their 2023 preseason with a loss to the Packers in Green Bay. Here are some takeaways.
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The Seattle Seahawks lost to the Packers 19-15, but considering Seattle basically played backups and their backups, the only lesson to be learned was who might make the roster. As it turned out, a starting job may have been decided as well. Three Hawks stood out today, but only two for the right reasons.

It was obvious from the start that the Seahawks would use their third and final preseason contest to help determine who would make the 53-man roster, who would make the practice squad, and who would be sent off to the hinterlands of free agency with fond wishes and a bag of burgers from Dick's. I can't pretend Pete Carroll got all the answers he wanted, but clearly, a few roster spots were cemented by this game. I believe it's just as clear that one starting job switched hands.

Again, the final score was as meaningless as it could be. The Packers' starting quarterback, Jordan Love, played the first three series against the Seahawks' second-string defense. To clarify, Seattle had one starter in the game at cornerback. We just don't know who that is, as both Michael Jackson and Tre Brown saw significant playing time today. We'll return to that particular duel quite soon. One running back looked more like a walker than a sprinter, while another at the least locked in a spot on the practice squad. For Pete's sake, read on.

This wide receiver locked in his spot on the Seahawks roster

Of course, I'm talking about Tyler Lockett. Oh, sorry, I was looking at these preseason stats - seven receptions on nine targets for 125 yards and two touchdowns - so, of course, I thought it was The Realtor. Come on, now, who secures more real estate than Lockett? Anyway, those stats actually belong to the latest in a long line of successful Hawks undrafted free agents turned stars, the nearly unstoppable Jake Bobo. Okay, it's just the preseason, so it's a bit premature on my part to call him a star. But I'm not the one leading chants in the Seahawks locker room of "More Bobo", now am I?

It is now abundantly clear to all that Bobo has not only locked in a spot on the 53-man roster but could very well start the regular season as Seattle's number three wide receiver considering the injury suffered by Jaxon Smith-Njigba. He'll likely miss three weeks, which would keep him out of the Seahawks opener versus the Rams.

Bobo has certainly looked ready for the challenge. Once JSN is healthy, he's the number three receiver without a doubt. But the ball will be in good hands - literally - with Jake Bobo on the receiving end. He isn't fast, but he does get open and catches the ball. Those would seem to be the two priorities for an NFL receiver, and he does those two things with great regularity.