For Pete's Sake: 5 critical observations from the Seahawks Week 2 win over the Lions

  • Seahawks bounced back with gutty play versus the Lions
  • Seahawks got a bit better for a time
  • Seattle almost blew their lead
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The Seattle Seahawks had to make comeback after comeback in this game. Still, they battled through to win a thriller over the Lions in overtime. Oh, we still have questions, but today, there was no doubt about their effort.

The Seahawks faced so many questions after last week's collapse versus the Rams. The first half was a little sloppy, but they had the lead against Los Angeles. The second half was historically atrocious, as we all know. I mean, for Pete's sake, would the Seattle offense get their mojo back? Would the defense ever get a sack, let alone create a turnover? We got our answers, 12s, but they were a long time coming.

I expected this to be a very tough game before the season even started. I picked the Hawks to beat the Rams, then lose to the Lions. Certainly, Seattle's awful second-half performance last week and Detroit's upset over Kansas City did nothing to change my mind going into this week. The Hawks had to be more efficient on offense and actually play defense. Generally speaking, they needed to play with the energy we expect to see from this team.

The Seahawks started off strong, thank goodness

I'll start by saying I liked the way the Seahawks started the game with a more uptempo offense. At least they did for the first few plays. I especially liked the heavy doses of Kenneth Walker on the ground and through the air. Geno Smith made some excellent throws. DK Metcalf made a terrific catch to give Seattle first and goal at the one. The Lions stuffed Walker for a huge loss, but a somewhat questionable personal foul at the end of the play gave Seattle the ball at the five. Hmmm... I didn't realize Detroit was using Metcalf in their secondary.

Pass interference on Tyler Lockett made it first and goal at the one. Two plays later, Walker lived up to his name and walked into the end zone. So I guess there was no hangover from the second half of last week. The Hawks had two false start penalties on this drive, but it was sweet to see them overcome those to get in the end zone. The Hawks went up 7-0, and life was looking good.