For Pete's Sake: 5 critical observations from the Seahawks Week 2 win over the Lions

  • Seahawks bounced back with gutty play versus the Lions
  • Seahawks got a bit better for a time
  • Seattle almost blew their lead
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The action only got wilder in the fourth quarter

Back to the game. The Seahawks managed to stop the Lions and took over on downs. That made Detroit one of three on fourth-down conversions. Seattle was flagged for a false start on first down, then Charbonnett picked up nine yards to set up second and six. With that, we started the fourth quarter. Uncle Will took a Smith pass all the way to the Lions 28 for another first down. JSN picked up six, and then Charbonnet ran up the gut for the first.

Geno Smith was called for intentional grounding on a blown play. Unbelievable, as for once, there was literally no pressure. Easily the worst call of this decade in the NFL. Don't you have to be pressured to intentionally ground the ball? The answer is yes, yes you do. A certain officiating crew needs to pay some serious fines. But the multi-billion dollar enterprise that is the National Football League doesn't need full-time officials. Right.

Geno Smith, said, whatev, zebra. He finally used his legs at the right time and made it third down and five with a brilliant run. He ran again to pick up the first. But somehow, the Seahawks didn't line up correctly, as both receivers were lined up behind the line of scrimmage. JSN, DK, one of ya'll need to step up to the line there. Wow. Geno Smith was balling on this drive, but first the zebras, then his own receivers did their worst to stop him.

On third and ten, the Lions inexplicably left Tyler Lockett uncovered. Of course, he picked up the first down. Seattle was just outside the five-yard line, and Charbonnett stayed on the field. Interesting. A Charbonnett run set up second and three. Lockett was draped by the defender at the back of the end zone like a ghost at a Halloween Spirit store. Were we worried? Uh, it's Tyler freaking Lockett. No one knows real estate like number 16, and he has exclusive rights to the end zone. Touchdown Seahawks, and they finally go ahead 24-21.

The Lions were quickly pressed into third and three on their first drive of the fourth quarter, but Goff connected for the first down. Finally, on the next play, the Seahawks got their first sack of the season, by Tre Brown on a corner blitz. There was a lot of pressure on Goff on this play., with at least three other white jerseys in the pile. On the very next play, Uchenna Nwosu got pressure on Goff again, and Tre Brown hit a 40-yard pick-six. The Seahawks went up 31-21.

On the next play, Darrell Taylor managed to smoke Goff - who didn't have the ball, by the way - and got the Hawks flagged for 15 yards. Okay, clearly we can't get anything for this idiot, but can we just cut him? Goff was facing him, he clearly didn't have the ball, and yet, Taylor ran at least five yards after the ball was gone and crushed him. Goff was dropped by Dre'Mont Jones a few plays later, but Goff picked up a huge first down the very next play to rookie tight end Sam LaPorta. The Lions were dropped for a two-yard loss by Jordyn Brooks on a screen but kept the drive alive with a tough run-off tackle. Another catch by LaPorta got the Lions to the Hawks six, first and goal. That dude was a heavy load, as he shed two tacklers to make the play. And then it was touchdown Jared Goff to Josh Reynolds. Seattle 31, Detroit 28.

The Seahawks got the ball back with 3:03 left. Pick up a couple of first downs and salt the game away, right, 12s? Hahahaha. Yeah, we know this team. We began with first and ten at the Seattle 28. A fake handoff, but no one was open, and Smith picked up a yard to avoid the sack. A big rush by the Lions and Aidan Hutchinson broke up a little dump pass and stopped the clock.

On third and eight, Geno Smith completed a pass to Colby Parkinson - who was only so open because he committed pass interference. Now it was third and 18, and no one was open. So, remember when I mentioned that Geno Smith said, hold my beer? He scrambled, scrambled, scrambled - and apparently scrambled his brain, as he took a huge loss and pinned the Hawks at their own three-yard line. The Hawks lost 25 yards on the drive, 17 on that play. Oooouuuuch.

Of course, Michael Dickson took it as a gift and hit a huge punt. The first few Seahawks down missed the tackle, but Jerrick Reed took the return man out of bounds at the 50. Detroit picked up 11 yards on a pass to Reynolds, then another end-around picked up 11. First down Lions at the Seahawks 24. On third down, Detroit moved the ball a few yards closer. With two seconds left, they nailed a 28-yard kick to tie the game. Hmm.. seems those Myers misses were pretty big. We went into OT, 31- all.