For Pete's Sake: 5 critical observations from the Seahawks Week 2 win over the Lions

  • Seahawks bounced back with gutty play versus the Lions
  • Seahawks got a bit better for a time
  • Seattle almost blew their lead
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The Seahawks win in OT, for Petes sake

The Seahawks won the toss in overtime and elected to receive the ball. I wouldn't have been a bit surprised if Lions coach Dan Campbell called for an onside kick - the dude loves to gamble. Nope, he's not insane. Wait, the Hawks remembered Noah Fant was on the roster again! First down at their own 42. Nothing doing on yet another failed screen pass. Second down and it was Fant with another big catch, now third and six.

Smith finally gets some time and hits Metcalf over the middle for the first down. Deejay Dallas was in the lineup for, oh, god knows why. I mean, it was only overtime and he isn't exactly a home run threat. Now it was second and seven. Smith hit Parkinson for a huge first down. Walker was back in and picked up four tough spinning yards to get the ball to the Lions 11. On second down Smith hit Metcalf once more to set up third and two from the Detroit seven-yard line.

So tell me, 12s. It's third and two in overtime. Who should you go to? Wow, it's such a tough call, right? I mean, you could go to DK again, or Walker who'd been running so hard all day. Charbonnett looked good, and JSN - okay, I can't keep it up. Obviously, you go to the Realtor, the man who owns the end zone. For all your real estate needs, you go to Tyler Deron Lockett. Number 16 just broke the plane as he pushed the pylon back, and it was touchdown Seahawks. And that was the game, 37-31 Seattle.

For Pete's sake, yeah, Geno Smith made a few questionable decisions in this game. But man, did he ever come up big in the fourth quarter. That is until he made that incredibly poor decision to scramble for a day and a half and lose 17 yards. But I love the man for his resilience. He acknowledges his mistakes and just plays through them. He was masterful in overtime, completing five of six passes for 69 yards and the winning touchdown.

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