3 pivotal traits the Seattle Seahawks must adopt for 2023 success

The Seattle Seahawks should be good in 2023 but if they don't develop these three traits things could go south quickly.
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The Seattle Seahawks should - "should" being an important word there - be a playoff team in 2023. Why not? They surprisingly made the postseason in 2022 and have added more talent, via free agency and through the NFL draft, this offseason so they should (there's that word again) be better this year than last.

But nothing is set, of course. Many games every year, even for the best teams in the league, are decided by a few plays in a game. So, yeah, there's some luck in being successful as well. But luck isn't really a trait one can adopt. Luck is more of something that happens to a person or a team than something a person or team can create.

But teams can play well enough to put themselves into more positions to be lucky. What can teams do to be successful besides relying on luck? They can develop the traits of greatness and here are three Seattle must adopt in 2023.

Seattle Seahawks adopt consistency

While the Seahawks offense was overall quite good in 2022 and a whole lot better than anyone thought they'd be before the season started, they were massively inconsistent at the same time. In weeks four through nine, Seattle averaged 32 points a game. Seattle went 5-1 in these games. In the final six games of the season, including the playoff game against the 49ers, Seattle averaged just 19 points per game. Seattle went 2-4 in these six.

The defense was even more inconsistent than the offense. In the final five games before the bye week in 2022, Seattle's defense gave up an average of 17 points a game and then in the five games after the bye week, the Seahawks allowed 28 points per game. This included giving up 40 points to the Las Vegas Raiders in an overtime loss where Seattle gave up 283 rushing yards. Two weeks later Seattle gave up 223 rushing yards in a 30-24 loss to the Panthers. Those 30 points would be the third-highest total for Carolina in 2022.

Now that Seattle has more depth and more talent on the roster, there should be little reason for such inconsistency. Plus, defensive coordinator Clint Hurtt will be in his second full season in his job. If there is such inconsistency this season, some coaches might need to worry about their positions.