3 Seahawks players who did not live up to expectations in 2023

These three players should have done better.

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The NFL is a league known for its unpredictability, and the Seattle Seahawks experienced the highs and lows firsthand in the 2022 and 2023 seasons. After a surprising playoff run in 2022, the expectations for the team soared to new heights. However, the 2023 season turned out to be a stark contrast, leaving fans and analysts alike scratching their heads.

In 2022, the Seattle Seahawks emerged as one of the league's pleasant surprises. Led by the resurgence of Geno Smith and a tenacious secondary, they defied expectations and clinched a playoff spot. The team's chemistry and determination were evident on the field, and fans began to believe in the possibility of a deep postseason run.

As the 2023 season approached, optimism engulfed the Seahawks' fan base. The team had shown its potential, and with key players returning and some strategic offseason acquisitions, the expectations were higher than ever. Fans anticipated the Seahawks to not only return to the playoffs but to make a serious push for the Super Bowl.

These three Seattle Seahawks disappointed this past season

However, reality struck hard in 2023. The Seahawks failed to live up to the lofty expectations set for them. Injuries to key players, inconsistent performances, and a tough schedule all played a role in the team's downfall. The once-promising chemistry seemed to falter, and the resilience that defined the previous season appeared elusive.

One factor contributing to the Seahawks' struggles was coaching decisions and strategic shortcomings. The team seemed to lack the same cohesion and adaptability that had propelled them to success in the previous season. Adjustments were slow, and opponents capitalized on the perceived weaknesses in the Seahawks' game plan.

The disappointment was not only felt on the field but also among the passionate Seahawks fan base. Expectations had been set sky-high, and the reality of a subpar season left many fans frustrated and disheartened. This resulted in changes within the organization and coaching staff.