3 Seahawks players who did not live up to expectations in 2023

These three players should have done better.

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Geno Smith regression

In the unpredictable world of the NFL, players often find themselves at the center of attention for their remarkable performances and unexpected comebacks. Geno Smith, the quarterback who played a pivotal role in the Seattle Seahawks' resurgence in 2022, experienced the highs of success and the challenges of maintaining that momentum in the subsequent season. His magical run in 2022 brought life back to the Seahawks, but as the dust settled on the 2023 season, it became clear that replicating that success would be no easy feat.

Geno Smith's story in 2022 was nothing short of a fairy tale. When Russell Wilson was traded in the offseason, Smith stepped up to the challenge. In a turn of events that surprised many, he showcased resilience, poise, and skill, leading the Seahawks to crucial victories. His unexpected success injected a new energy into the team, earning him the admiration of fans and teammates alike.

As the 2023 season unfolded, the expectations for Geno Smith were undoubtedly high. The remarkable feats of the previous year had raised hopes for a repeat performance. However, the NFL is known for its relentless challenges, and Smith faced a different set of obstacles in the new season. Injuries, defensive adjustments, and the weight of heightened expectations all contributed to a more challenging environment.

The on-field struggles were evident as Geno Smith navigated the complexities of the 2023 season. The magical moments that defined his 2022 resurgence seemed elusive, and the team faced difficulties in finding the same rhythm that had propelled them to success. Smith's performances, though commendable at times, fell short of the lofty standards set by his unexpected heroics in the previous year.

As the season progressed, Geno Smith found himself under the scrutiny of critics and fans alike. The expectations set by his magical 2022 run created a narrative that was difficult to escape. Despite the challenges, Smith continued to face the media with resilience and professionalism, acknowledging the difficulties while maintaining a focus on improvement.