3 Seahawks players who did not live up to expectations in 2023

These three players should have done better.

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No help from Devin Bush

The Seattle Seahawks' 2022 season was marked by notable highs and unexpected successes, but as the dust settled, a glaring weakness emerged in their run defense. To address this concern, the team made strategic moves in the offseason, including the return of legendary linebacker Bobby Wagner and the acquisition of Devin Bush. However, the anticipated impact of Bush on shoring up the middle of the field did not materialize as expected, putting additional strain on Wagner and the Seahawks' defensive unit.

In an effort to bolster their run defense and complement Wagner's skill set, the Seahawks made a significant move by signing linebacker Devin Bush. Coming off a promising start to his career, expectations were high for Bush to provide the much-needed support in the middle of the field. His speed, agility, and tackling prowess were seen as valuable assets that could transform the Seahawks' defensive dynamics.

However, the reality on the field did not align with the expectations. Devin Bush, despite his potential and previous success, struggled mightily in his first stint with the Seahawks. The anticipated impact on the run defense failed to materialize, and opposing teams exploited the weaknesses in the middle of the field.

Bush's difficulties in adapting to the Seahawks' defensive scheme and finding his rhythm were evident. Missed tackles, blown coverages, and an inability to plug the running lanes became recurring issues. The struggles put additional pressure on Bobby Wagner and the rest of the defensive unit, as they sought to compensate for the shortcomings in the middle of the field.

With Devin Bush unable to live up to the expectations set for him, the burden on Bobby Wagner and the rest of the defensive lineup intensified. Wagner, known for his exceptional football IQ and playmaking abilities, found himself having to cover more ground and make up for the lapses in the middle of the field. The strain on the veteran linebacker and the defensive unit as a whole became a significant storyline in the Seahawks' 2022 campaign.

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