5 Seahawks players who don’t deserve another season in 2024

Seattle needs to create cap room still and open up spots for players more likely to help the team.

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Bryan Mone - Seahawks defensive tackle

Mone has a lot of the same issues that Adams does, though he also gets paid a lot less. There is zero reason for the team to pay Mone what his current contract says he should in 2024. The defensive tackle has a cap hit of $5,890,000 next season but releasing him would save the team $5.3 million. That is far too much savings for a player who should have never had a contract structured to pay him more than $5 million anyway.

In 2023, Mone missed the entire season with a knee injury. He will turn 29 years old during the 2024 season so he is beginning to get a bit old for an interior defensive lineman. At 6'3" and 366 pounds, Mone should at least have been a great run-stopper in his career but he has not exactly excelled at that. In fact, Mone has graded better as a pass rusher than at stopping the run in his career, per Pro Football Focus, but he still only has 25 career pressures.

Mone also has a career missed tackle attempt percentage of 13.2. That is far too high for a player in literally the first line of defense. Mone needs to eat up blockers with his size and when he does get his hands on a ball carrier he needs to take them down. The defensive tackle has not consistently done that so there is no reason to think he will get any better at doing so.