5 Seahawks players who don’t deserve another season in 2024

Seattle needs to create cap room still and open up spots for players more likely to help the team.

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Abraham Lucas - Seahawks right tackle

This one might be unpopular and to be clear, I really like Abe Lucas. He might not have the raw athleticism that left tackle Charles Cross has, but Lucas also brings a menace that Cross does not have. Every offensive line needs a player such as Lucas who is not going to back down from opposing players. This is something that Justin Britt did during his time in Seattle in the late 2010s.

Even releasing Lucas would not save the team all that much money, a little less than $1 million in 2024. In other words, there is no financial reason to move on from Lucas either. Even in 2025, currently the final year of Lucas's rookie deal, the team only saves almost $1.5 million by the right tackle not being on the roster.

The problem with Lucas is that he obviously has a knee issue that he has been dealing with since college. He has already had two surgeries, including one that came as soon as this past season ended. Lucas was able to appear in six games this past season, but none between Week 1 and Week 13. After he returned in Week 13, he was clearly attempting to battle his way through the knee injury, had to be rotated out quite a bit, and was not nearly as effective as he was in his rookie year of 2022.

Having a healthy Lucas on the team would be a very good thing. There is no proof, however, that Lucas will be able to consistently stay healthy in his career which means Seattle better have a very good backup at right tackle because the backup will probably play a lot. At worst, the Seahawks might as well draft a right tackle to replace Lucas and have Lucas be the backup.