4 Seattle Seahawks players that can lock up 2023 roster spot in Preseason Week 2

Seattle plays Dallas in preseason Week 2 on Saturday and these four players could greatly benefit by having great games.
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The Seattle Seahawks have until August 29th to make final roster cuts. They also have just two more preseason games and a handful of practices in which to make the decisions on who to keep and who not to retain. There are probably about 40 players who have their roster spot guaranteed, but that leaves 13 battling for places on the team.

Of the four players that follow, three are trying to make the roster. One is trying to find his place on the team. All four have something to play for when the Seahawks play the Dallas Cowboys in preseason Week 2.

This is one of the best things about the preseason. We get to watch roster battles play out in front of our eyes. And we get to see guys playing their butts off to earn their jobs.

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Dareke Young

Young missed some time in practice with a hip injury but he returned earlier this week, practiced in pads, and should be able to play on Saturday versus the Dallas Cowboys. Young was a terrific story last year as he was a lte-round draft pick from a small school that basically played the Wing-T offense. Any team that drafted him was basically making a hunch that his raw physical ability would translate to the speed and physicality of the NFL.

Luckily, Seattle was the team that took him. Young didn't do much as a receiver in 2022, but he also didn't have much of a chance. He caught two passes all of last year and both passes were in Week 18. But one reception went for 12 yards and 12s watching the game might have gone, "Whoa!" Who knew that in just that one snap we would see Young do something we'd never seen him do? This was that he caught the ball, turned with quickness, and showed the ability to move a bit.

But Young didn't just sit around and sulk while not getting many snaps on offense. Instead, he was a beast on special teams and clearly did not mind tackling people, and tackle them hard. Basically, Young worked his butt off to help the team in any way he could. Head coach Pete Carroll will likely remember that when it comes time to final roster cuts this year.