4 Seattle Seahawks players that can lock up 2023 roster spot in Preseason Week 2

Seattle plays Dallas in preseason Week 2 on Saturday and these four players could greatly benefit by having great games.
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Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Jake Bobo

We all want more Bobo, don't we? He's become a training camp favorite among 12s and his teammates as Bobo gets to workouts early, gives 100 percent to try to get better once he is at practice, and acts like he might not have a job if he doesn't do those things by Week 1 of the regular season. That's because he might not.

Head coach Pete Carroll loves two things offensively, in particular. One is getting a guy who is simply faster than the other players around him, especially those opposing him. The other is guys who have a knack for finding the open spaces on the field. This is one reason Carroll liked Doug Baldwin so much. Baldwin wasn't extremely fast, but he knew how to get open.

So far in training camp and in the first preseason game against the Minnesota Vikings, getting open is what Bobo has done. The drawback to Bobo is that by NFL receiver standards, he is extremely slow. He ran a 4.99 40 at his Pro Day at UCLA and this was the main reason he wasn't drafted. But Los Angeles Rams receiver Cooper Kupp wasn't blazing fast either but turned out to be one of the best receivers in the league.

I am not saying Bobo is going to be Cooper Kupp, but if he even comes close that is a huge win for Seattle. Bobo, like Dareke Young, should also benefit from some other receivers, like Easop Winston, missing the Cowboys game with an injury. Bobo should get a lot of reps against the Cowboys. If he does extremely well, Seattle might not want to part with him when final roster cuts are made.