4 Seahawks players who need a monster offseason in 2024

These players need to prove themselves to a new coaching staff.

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Darrell Taylor - Seahawks edge

Taylor was good in short bursts in the first two years he played. As a rookie in 2020, he was injured and did not play. But between 2021 and 2022, he had a combined 16 sacks and 26 quarterback hits. While he never developed an arsenal of pass-rush moves, his raw speed was enough to get home at times. The issue was he was extremely inconsistent and seemed unwilling or incapable of accepting coaching to get better.

This offseason, Taylor was an unrestricted free agent and Seattle could have let him walk after his production fell in 2023 even though after edge rusher Uchenna Nwosu was injured in Week 7 Taylor became much more important. The edge rusher could not step up to meet new responsibilities, though, and he continued to be poor against the run and a bad tackler.

Taylor has good size but he could also afford to bulk up and gain upper-body mass. He also needs to prove he is able to understand what coaching he is given and repeat that from snap to snap and game to game. Getting 8 sacks is fine as long as there is consistent pressure when sacks aren't made; Taylor has shown zero consistency.

The hope is that Macdonald can get the magic to unlock for Taylor. The Seahawks kept Taylor for a reason and that reason could be that Macdonald sees excellence in Taylor. If the edge rusher can become more well-rounded, he has the physical skills to be a Pro Bowler for several seasons.