Top 3 Seattle Seahawks to watch against Los Angeles Rams in Week 1

The Seattle Seahawks begin their 2023 season on Sunday! Here are three players that need to be fantastic to get the win.
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Seahawks need Geno Smith to be accurate Week 1

Geno Smith doesn't need to hit a career-high in yards-per-pass in Week 1. He just needs to be efficient. And much of that efficiency will come through accuracy, of course. Smith led the league in accuracy last season, though he slipped a bit near the end of last year. That said, Smith still led the NFL in completion percentage at 69.8.

Against the Rams in 2022 (and Los Angeles always seems to give Seattle fits no matter how much talent LA has), Smith threw 4 touchdown passes against 3 interceptions. That's not a great ration. In the final week of last year, when Seattle absolutely had to have a victory to have any chance of making the postseason, Smith struggled at first and then threw a beautiful touchdown pass to Tyler Lockett in the third quarter.

For Seattle to be victorious in Week 1, Smith needs to be much more of the quarterback who threw the pass to Lockett than the one in the early part of the game. The Rams are probably not going to pass the Seahawks into oblivion, but rather try to play solid defense and control the clock offensively. Winning a close, short game is probably the Rams best chance.

Or Seattle could flip the script on Los Angeles and try to win behind the excellent running of Kenneth Walker and a bunch of Smith passes for 10-15 yards. I'd rather see a Geno Smith game of 70 percent of his passes completed and 260 yards than 400 yards and 2-3 interceptions. But a win is a win.