5 Seattle Seahawks playing for their jobs at training camp

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Seahawks center Evan Brown

Evan Brown was signed this offseason to be the center for Seattle. He is sometimes listed as a guard but this makes little sense when it comes to Seattle. Plus, Brown was a good center for the Detroit Lions in 2021 before being moved to guard in 2022 after Detroit had lost a very good guard to injury prior to the season beginning. Brown was solid as a guard too, but better as a center.

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Even with that information, however, Brown hasn't played a whole lot in the NFL prior to 2021 even though he's been in the league since 2019. Just like Mike Jackson, there's no way of knowing whether Brown can be good every season or if his 2021 year with Detroit was a one-off. Plus, Seattle appears to have drafted a long-term answer at center in the 2023 draft in Olu Oluwatimi.

Seattle could have depth built in if Oluwatimi is the starter as well. Joey Hunt isn't the biggest or strongest center by any means, but he does know Seattle's offense and could start in a pinch if needed. Oluwatimi does have the size and strength and intelligence to be a Week 1 starter and could simply replace Brown.

Brown was also signed to just a one-year deal and his dead cap is just $1 million. The Seahawks would save $1.25 million by releasing Brown and that is a decent chunk of change. Keeping Brown as depth at guard wouldn't be an option either as those spots are taken as well.

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