Seahawks podcast: Should Seattle try to trade for Aaron Donald?

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The Seattle Seahawks have a huge hole in the middle of the defensive line. Aaron Donald would fix this. Should Seattle try to trade for the future Hall of Famer if the Los Angeles Rams want to continue their tear-down and trade him?

But how much would Seattle have to give up to get Donald? Plus, how would Seattle fit Donald's salary into their cap space? Lastly, is Donald getting to the age (32 years old) where his body is starting to slow down? We talk all.

Besides Donald speculation, we discuss which 2023 rookie might have the biggest impact for the Seahawks. Might it not be a glamour position and instead an offensive lineman? We make our best guess.

Seattle Seahawks podcast: What about a trade for Aaron Donald?

There is lots of pretty cherry and relationship-building talk throughout the program about other stuff as well. Novak Djokovic won his 23rd Grand Slam title at the French Open! We discuss. Or what is the best northeast Montana getaway on a budget? We explain all.

You probably definitely want to hear this week’s Rob Gordons which are our five favorite TV/streaming finales ever. Want us to break it down by TV versus streaming? No, we can’t do that as we are not smart enough.

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