Seattle Seahawks podcast: Breaking down who we think will make the 2023 roster

The Seahawks have to make final roster cuts by Tuesday, August 29th.

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The Seattle Seahawks finished their preseason against the Green Bay Packers. Now we have two weeks before the real games begin. What did we learn about the 2023 Seahawks in the preseason? And who do we think might make the team?

On this week's podcast, we name the players that disappointed and the players that surprising us this training camp and preseason. (Check back next year to see how much of idiots we were, by the way.) Will one of the disappointments surprisingly not make the active roster?

Or heck, will one of the surprises disappointingly make the team? OK, I am just playing with words there. But it might still sound (or read) better than our podcast does. (Thanks for listening!)

Seahawks podcast: Who is going to make the 2023 roster?

There is also lots of fantastic, and great, and wonderful talk throughout the episode about other bits as well. For example, the US Open begins on Monday! And baseball lost a pitcher this week, but not a hitter. What? Also, what did one of us think of Oppenheimer?

You probably want to hear this week’s Rob Gordons which are our top five favorite sports movies. Which ones aren't related to baseball? We might not even know. It will all make some sense once you listen to the program, I think.

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