Seattle Seahawks podcast: Draft talk, depth chart, and roster concerns

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The 2023 NFL draft is over and the Seattle Seahawks seem to do well. We will know for sure just how good this draft class is in about three or four years. It takes that long to truly understand what a player might do.

The NFL is also set to release its 2023 schedule soon. Who do we not want to face in Week 1? One of us might be living in Canada before the season starts, however, so there's that.

We also discuss what we think about the Seahawks not picking up Jordyn Brooks' fifth-year option. Should Seattle want him back? How much should they pay him? There is lots of Seahawks talk on the show about everything in the Seattle shire.

Seattle Seahawks podcast: What concerns the 2023 roster might bring

There is most probably lots of pretty fine and meta-like talk throughout the program about other stuff as well. What's going on in the NBA playoffs? Wait a sec. What about the Seattle Kraken and the NHL postseason? Or what is the best central Mississippi getaway on a budget?

You probably definitely want to hear this week’s Rob Gordons which are five RG topics we would never actually have. Want us to discuss why? Maybe we do!

If you want to have your children and your children's aunts listen to the show while you are at the playground, you can download the podcast for multiple listens. That way it can be a family event. They will be impressed with your knowledge of dumb podcasts.

Next. Even more evaluation of the Seahawks 2023 draft class. dark

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