Seattle Seahawks podcast: What to expect from training camp in 2023

On this week's podcast, which starting spots are up from grabs at training camp?
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The Seattle Seahawks' 2023 regular season is coming up really soon. After a long - it's always too long - offseason, Seattle's training camp gets underway on July 26th. We likely will learn then how healthy some players are.

Will Jamal Adams and Jordyn Brooks really play early in the season, for instance? Adams seems to be the guy who should have the better chance, but Brooks has reportedly been getting closer to returning than most expected. How ready they are we should know by Wednesday.

We also will get to see real practices and get an indication of how good the 2023 rookie class is. The team has two weeks before preseason game one on August 10th so everything that's about to happen is going to happen quickly. We discuss all of this on this week's podcast.

Seattle Seahawks podcast: What to look for at training camp

There is lots of pretty fine and philosophy-altering talk throughout the program about other items as well. How good is Carlos Alcaraz, for instance? Or how good is the film Oppenheimer? Is it truly Christopher Nolan's best? Is it better than Barbie?

You probably definitely want to hear this week’s Rob Gordons which are our five favorite songs where the acoustic cover is better than the original. Want us to break it down by year and album? Nah, we couldn't do such a thing. There are only so many hours in the day, after all.

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