Seattle Seahawks podcast: Who should be next in the Ring of Honor

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It's May, and what is there to discuss but lots of speculative things when it comes to our and your favorite football team, the Seattle Seahawks? That's the great thing about being a fan, right? The great debates one can get into about various different subjects.

Before the 2023 NFL draft, we talked a lot about whether Seattle should choose Jalen Carter. They didn't, of course, and we were happy. But maybe Carter goes on to have a Hall of Fame career and that makes us look like fools. In the end, however, we don't get paid to make tough organizational decisions and that's a good thing. But we do get to speak about them.

So, who do you think Seattle should add to the Ring of Honor? Because that is what we discuss, in part, on this week's podcast. You can even tell us we are wrong (or right), but you'd have to comment on that on social media (we are a recorded show so if you tried to comment directly that would be weird).

Seattle Seahawks podcast: Ring of Honor

There is also exhilarating discussion throughout the program about other stuff, too. What's going on in the NHL playoffs? How do we feel about the passing of Jim Brown? Or what is the best central Alberta getaway on a budget?

You probably definitely want to hear this week’s Rob Gordons which are our top 10 TV/streaming shows ever. We started to have only five, but that would have left out so many series. And no, we don't have anything from the Hallmark channel.

If you want to have your pets listen to the show while you are cleaning your house and washing dishes, you can download the podcast for multiple listens. That way it can be a bonding experience. Your fur baby will be impressed with your knowledge of stupid podcasts.

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