3 Seahawks who are poised for expanded roles in 2023, and 1 who might not

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The NFL OTAs are in full swing, as teams assess their players and determine their suitability for the upcoming season. The Seattle Seahawks, in particular, captured attention last year by making it to the playoffs despite trading their long-time quarterback, Russell Wilson. With their successful run to the postseason last year, the Seahawks are determined to build upon their achievements and strive for even greater success in the upcoming season. Fueled by their previous accomplishments, the team is focused on continuing its momentum and further strengthening its foundation.

The Seahawks find themselves in a fortunate position with an abundance of draft picks, largely thanks to the trade involving Russell Wilson in 2022. This has allowed them to secure promising prospects on both the offensive and defensive sides of the field. Now, it's up to these new players to showcase their skills and find ways to contribute effectively to the team's performance on the field.

Exciting times lie ahead as these rookies have the opportunity to make their mark and help the Seahawks continue their journey toward success. Keep an eye out for these talented individuals as they strive to make a positive impact and prove their worth to the team.

Several Seahawks are ready to explode in 2023

The Seahawks have not only acquired top prospects through the draft but have also bolstered their lineup by signing impactful players from free agency. These strategic moves have positioned them favorably as they look to make their mark in the competitive NFC West. With the division still up for grabs, the Seahawks have their sights set on claiming the top spot. While they face tough competition, the San Francisco 49ers loom as the lone significant challenge in their pursuit of success.

As the stage is set for the upcoming season, several Seattle Seahawks players are primed for expanded roles in 2023, while one player may not experience the same level of growth and opportunity. The team's offseason preparations have created an environment where certain players have the potential to shine and take on more significant responsibilities. Keep an eye on these Seahawks players as they embrace their expanded roles and make their impact felt on the field.