3 Seahawks who are poised for expanded roles in 2023, and 1 who might not

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Seahawks ILB Devin Bush - Breakout season?

One of the Seahawks' underrated free agent signings is linebacker Devin Bush. With the focus often placed on high-profile acquisitions, Bush's addition might have flown under the radar for some. However, his presence brings valuable depth and talent to Seattle's linebacker corps. Devin Bush is known for his versatility and playmaking ability on the field. He has showcased strong instincts, quickness, and the ability to excel in both run defense and pass coverage. His athleticism and football IQ make him a valuable asset for the Seahawks' defensive schemes and strategies.

While the attention may be drawn to other signings, the addition of Bush should not be overlooked. He has the potential to make a significant impact, providing quality depth at the linebacker position and bolstering the Seahawks' defensive unit. As the season progresses, keep an eye on Devin Bush and the impact he makes for the Seahawks. His contributions might prove to be vital in key moments, demonstrating why he was an underrated yet valuable signing for the team.

The addition of Devin Bush to the Seahawks' defensive corps provides valuable support in filling the void left by Cody Barton and aids in the recovery of Jordyn Brooks from his ACL injury. With Cody Barton's absence, the Seahawks needed to address the linebacker position, and Bush's signing offers a solution to maintain the team's defensive strength.

Bush's skill set and versatility allow him to seamlessly fit into various linebacker roles, providing depth and flexibility to the Seahawks' defensive scheme. His presence helps alleviate the pressure on Jordyn Brooks, who is returning from an ACL injury. With Bush's arrival, the Seahawks can ensure a smoother transition for Brooks as he continues his recovery and gradually returns to full strength.