Three potentially pivotal narratives for the Seattle Seahawks in Week 1

The Seahawks play at Lumen Field against the Los Angeles Rams in Week 1.
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The Seattle Seahawks' beginning of their 2023 season is just days away. The team opens play against the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday at Lumen Field. As much as NFL fans might think they know about their favorite team before a season begins, we don't really know what's going to happen until the real games begin.

The three narratives that follow might be the difference between Seattle beginning 2023 with a victory or a loss. The schedule gets much more difficult later in the season, so beating a weakened Rams team is nearly a must. The season won't be over if Seattle loses, but winnable games that are lost could be the difference between a team making the playoffs or not.

And Seattle is capable of getting to the postseason once again. Most of the impact talent that was on the 2022 roster is still around. But finding answers to what follows needs to begin immediately.

Narrative No. 1 - Are the Seahawks really better against the run?

We all know how bad Seattle was against the run in 2022. Oh, you may not remember? You've blocked it out of your mind. Well, allow me to refresh those awful memories. The Seahawks were 30th in rushing yards allowed per game (150.2), 27th in yards allowed per carry (4.9), and 27th in rushing touchdowns allowed (21).

Now, there are some caveats that go along with those numbers. One is that Clint Hurtt was in his first year as defensive coordinator so maybe there were some growing pains. That's not a good excuse, mind you, but it is an excuse. Secondly, Seattle had switched to more of a 3-4 base and simply had players not be good fits for that switch, except for maybe Al Woods.

Seattle tried to address their weak defensive line by overhauling nearly the entire unit. Out of Woods, Quinton Jefferson, and Poona Ford. In are Dre'Mont Jones, Jarran Reed, and Mario Edwards, Jr. Jones and Reed were solid, but not spectacular against the run last year, according to Pro Football Focus (subscription required), while Edwards was good against the run. We can assume the Los Angeles Rams are going to want to run the ball quite a bit against Seattle (wouldn't you if you were the Rams?), so whether the new group of guys along Seattle's defensive line can stop the run or not might make the difference between Seattle winning in Week 1 and not.