Projecting the Seahawks sack totals: Cry "Havoc!", and let slip the dogs of war

The Seahawks pass rush might be fearsome this season.
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Derick Hall will make a big impact as a rookie

At worst, he goes on injured reserve and returns for the Seahawks after the bye for their week 6 game at the Bengals. That might be wishful thinking, as Darrell Taylor's shoulder injury has kept him out most of the summer, but I'm hopeful that if it was more serious, we'd have some indication of that by now. So worst-case scenario, Hall misses four games. That still gets him back on the field in plenty of time to get his game up to 100 percent for that tough run beginning on Thanksgiving.

I have to add here that no less than K.J. Wright believes Hall could be the league's Defensive Rookie of the Year. K.J. is probably just a little bit better at evaluating talent than I am. You'd think with the Hawks pass-rush rotation, it would be nearly impossible for Hall to get enough opportunities to have that big an impact. But if he blows up with a couple of sacks and QB hits in his first game, the Seahawks will have to play him. I can certainly see that happening. After all, K-9 didn't take off last year until he moved into the starting role. Let's just hope we see different circumstances for Hall.

So best case, Hall remains a rotational player but gets about as many snaps as Boye did last year. That would be about 400 plays. Hall already shows the same kind of motor that Mafe is showing this year. so I'll upgrade his production accordingly. I do have to keep in mind the production of that group I mentioned earlier, Randle, Taylor, et al. That being said, the explosiveness of Derick Hall fits the Jason Taylor mold much more closely than the style of John Randle .