Projecting the Seahawks sack totals: Cry "Havoc!", and let slip the dogs of war

The Seahawks pass rush might be fearsome this season.
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Time to add it all up for the revamped Seahawks pass rush

Okay, we've looked at the main players on the edge. Time for a quick look at the big picture, before we get mathy. Tyreke Smith will get his opportunities as well. But as we can see, it's already a crowded group for the EDGE brigade, led by Uchenna Nwosu. I haven't forgotten about him, but we know what we're getting from the Seahaws true sack master. Darrell Taylor will have his say, of course. Unless he's traded for interior help, as I suggested the Seahawks do. Of course, he'll have to get healthy for either situation to play out. He's already been pushed out of the starting lineup by Boye Mafe due to that injury, and I can't imagine him getting the job back. If Mafe missed time, the Hawks would do well to start Hall in his place. They'd get a better pass rush, and he can't be as bad as Taylor is versus the run.

Let's look at the defensive line itself. I expect Dre'Mont Jones to improve his numbers from 2022 for three reasons. They're quite reasonable reasons at that. First, he'll benefit from the improved numbers of his cohorts. He led Denver in sacks last season. Yes, Bradley Chubb was traded away in mid-season, but no one else picked up the slack except for Jones. It's going to be awfully hard to double-team him when you've got three other guys racing to demolish the quarterback. And as with everyone else, the new, more aggressive philosophy and techniques coached by BT Jordan will have just as large an impact.

While Jones will give the Seahawks a huge boost in sacks over what Shelby Harris provided, Jarran Reed will boost the pressures and sacks as well. He's not going to hit double figures as a nose guard, of course, but he never was repeating that anyway. The combination of Mario Edwards and eventually Mike Marsh will surpass Quinton Jefferson's output, too. While sacks aren't exactly either player's strong suit, they're still an upgrade, especially (and eventually) Marsh. I'll tally all the numbers at the end.

We've talked about the edge players until you logged off, got some chips and salsa, watched the latest episode of Ahsoka, and washed the dog, so I won't recap that here. Mmm. doggo smells nice and fresh. Like tomatillos and cilantro. Next time, wash your hands first. From the middle linebackers, I doubt we'll see too many blitzes. Mainly because for once, we'll be getting decent pressure up front and from the edge. Bobby Wagner and Jordyn Brooks will be staying home, patrolling the middle of the field for the most part, as will Devin Bush and Jon Rhattigan when they step in to spell either player.