Seahawks' QB situation remains strange because the team keeps doing this one thing

Geno Smith seems set to be QB1 but nothing can be assumed.

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Geno Smith has been a solid quarterback for the last two years as the starter for the Seattle Seahawks. He is not Patrick Mahomes, of course, but no other quarterback in the NFL is Mahomes either. Smith has certainly been better than Russell Wilson the last couple of seasons after the team traded Wilson and made Smith the starter.

Drew Lock has not played much as Smith's backed since Lock came over in the trade that sent Wilson to the Denver Broncos. He did start two games this past season and was better than most expected. He clearly has a strong arm and should be a better decision-maker with more playing time. Plus, maybe Lock would be better with guidance from new Seattle offensive coordinator Ryan Grubb.

The problem is that Lock is a free agent this offseason and can sign anywhere he wants to. The odd part is that general manager John Schneider and new head coach Mike Macdonald cannot seem to quit mentioning Lock as if he is definitely a part of the team next season. He isn't.

Seattle Seahawks quarterback situation stills appears somewhat fluid

Schneider even mentioned Lock (and Smith) during the press conference the team held to introduce Macdonald as the new coach. Maybe the team hopes to re-sign Lock, but the Seahawks also do not have that much cap room and they probably need to spend money elsewhere than at quarterback as Smith is signed through 2025.

Sure, the team could still trade Smith, but they would not save any money in doing so. If Seattle moved Smith before June 1, the team would have $600,000 less cap room than if they kept Smith.

This week, Macdonald was asked by Aaron Levine of KCPQ in Seattle this question: "Are Geno Smith and Drew Lock both involved in the future of this organization going forward and finding success here?" To be fair, that is a bit of unfair question. It also implies that Lock will definitely be a part of the team moving forward.

The odd bit was that much of Macdonald's answer was about how he was just getting to know Smith and Lock. One might assume that Macdonald's focus would mostly be on his starting quarterback, Geno Smith. But Macdonald said, "Right now we’re in the phase of figuring out who they are. Obviously, one or two or both would fit into our plan going forward, but right now we probably don’t have that answer for you."

A more direct answer by Macdonald might have been, "Obviously, Smith would fit into our plan going forward, but we hope to have Lock back as well." Maybe he was thrown off by the oddly worded question, but his answer was oddly worded as well. That the Seahawks keep leaving the proverbial door open that maybe Geno Smith is not Seattle's starting quarterback next season is likely not intentional and their answers are just due to being obtuse.

But that means 12s are going to rightfully question the quarterback situation in Seattle as well. The Seahawks should just say, "Geno Smith is our starter." But the fact they are not doing so logically leads to the thought that maybe some other option is definitely possible. Schneider did answer the question at the combine today but only to say, "Smith is our starter until he's not." That isn't exactly clarity.

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