Seahawks have a quarterback battle brewing in different way than imagined

Geno Smith might not be in danger of losing his job. Yet.
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The Seattle Seahawks chose not to take a quarterback during the 2024 NFL draft. The team did not really have a chance to take one in the first round as six QBs went in the first 12 picks. The 33rd Team reported that Seattle was among a handful of teams to try to trade up to grab Washington's Michael Penix, Jr., but you can choose to believe that report or not.

Seattle could have taken a quarterback such as Joe Milton late in the draft, but the New England Patriots did that. Clearly, Seattle was not interested. That said, Seattle does need a third quarterback hanging around the VMAC.

As of 2023, NFL teams can keep a third quarterback ready to step in on game days should the first two quarterbacks get injured. That is if there isn't already a third QB on the active roster. Seattle is unlikely to keep two active as the team seems set with Geno Smith and recently acquired Sam Howell.

A Seattle Seahawks roster battle might play out in rookie minicamp

Still, the Seahawks need a third quarterback at least on the practice squad. That battle could be decided this coming weekend when Seattle holds rookie minicamp. The team signed signed San Jose State quarterback Chevan Cordeiro as an undrafted free agent but Seattle has also invited former Maryland quarterback Taulia Tagovailoa to camp as well.

Taulia Tagovailoa's brother, Tua, is the quarterback for the Miami Dolphins and a good one. There are differences between the brothers, though. Tua is left-handed while Taulia is right-handed, and Tua has the much stronger arm. Taulia's skill set is a lot less likely to translate to the NFL. Is he worth a workout, however? Of course.

Cordeiro, though, appears to be the better quarterback and with more well-rounded physical skills. He was recently timed at a 4.58 40, for instance. He also can throw with velocity to any part of the field. Cordeiro holds the record for most total yards and passing touchdowns in Mountain West Conference history.

How each quarterback looks in rookie minicamp, though, might not only form their personal futures but the Seahawks' as well. Whoever performs best might end up being Seattle's third option at quarterback on game days while the other needs to find a life outside of football. That could also mean that if the top two Seattle quarterbacks get hurt Cordeiro or Tagovailoa could get meaningful reps next year in a worst-case scenario (should Smith and Howell be injured for more than a week).

The hope is that Smith stays perfectly healthy, and, if he doesn't, Howell comes in and stays healthy and is extremely productive. Tagovailoa versus Cordeiro is worth keeping an eye on in minicamp, though, because of what that might mean for the Seahawks in 2024.

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