Ranking the five most important Seattle Seahawks heading into 2023

The Seattle Seahawks have a talented roster overall, but these five players must play at a high level this season.
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Number 1 - Seattle Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith

There are likely a ton of arguments that have a title such as, "Most important Seahawks not counting the quarterback." There's nothing wrong with that subject, of course, but I am going to make things more simple here. The most important position on nearly every football team is the quarterback. Therefore, Geno Smith is the most important player for Seattle.

And Smith isn't simply important because he is the quarterback. Or more specifically, Smith could make sure the QB spot for the Seahawks in 2023 is a huge positive. Or a massive negative. If I were writing this article about the Kansas City Chiefs, for instance, I would likely still have Patrick Mahomes number one on the list, but I'd also be very sure Mahomes was going to play brilliant football. I am not as sure about Smith.

I think Smith will be even better than he was last year. He has more weapons to work with and probably will have a better offensive line in front of him, but last year Smith did an excellent job, especially in the first half of the season, of not turning the ball over. He only had 15 combined turnovers (11 interceptions and 4 fumbles lost) in 2022, but he had 9 of those in the final seven games.

As long as Smith stays efficient and doesn't have a lot of picks and/or fumbles, the offense should be fine and one of the top-ten best in the league. But if he forces more passes this year, then Smith isn't going to be the quarterback in 2024 and that's going to set the franchise back. Let's hope Smith is great in 2023 and the team makes a deep playoff run.

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