Ranking the NFC West offenses from worst to best heading into training camps

The Seattle Seahawks offense was better than expected in 2022 and should be even better in 2023.
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Number 3 - Los Angeles Rams

I have the Rams ranked ahead of the Cardinals for two simple reasons: Los Angeles has the better quarterback (and it's not close) and, if Cooper Kupp can return fully healthy and at a pre-injury level, Kupp is much better than anyone the Cardinals currently have on offense. Los Angeles' offensive line is a fiasco, they don't have much at running back, and they lost nearly every good receiver they had except for Kupp, so there's not a lot to hope for if you are the one lone Rams fan (I see you, Bret!).

I could go into detail about the 2023 version Rams, with their depleted offense and defense from even the beginning of last year, would have lost to the 2021 version by about 30 points, but I won't. The reason is that no matter how good or bad the Rams are, they seem to give the Seahawks fits. Maybe it's a uniform thing?

But the Rams probably have the worst offensive line in the division, definitely the worst group of running backs, and there are question marks after Kupp at receiver. Head coach Sean McVay is a savant at getting the best from his offenses, but even with Matthew Stafford back under center, McVay only has so much to work with.

The best case scenario for the Rams is that Stafford is extremely sharp every game and stays healthy. The same needs to happen for Kupp. But then all the rookies and veterans just barely hanging on have better than expected seasons as well and the Rams score just enough to lose most of their games.