Ranking the NFC West offenses from worst to best heading into training camps

The Seattle Seahawks offense was better than expected in 2022 and should be even better in 2023.
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Number 1 - San Francisco 49ers

Possibly the only thing holding the 49ers back from having the second-best offense in the NFL (behind Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs) is that San Francisco doesn't have a true very good quarterback. Brock Purdy was excellent in 2022 after taking over for the half-dozen 49ers quarterbacks that got hurt prior to his starting (OK, that's a bit of a joke, but it felt that way), but was Purdy good on his own or simply a product of Kyle Shanahan's genius? We might find out in 2023 if Purdy is able to come back from an injury he suffered in the playoffs.

But San Francisco has immense and versatile weapons. Running back Christian McCaffrey, tight end George Kittle, and receiver Deebo Samuel sound like an All-Pro team but they all happen to be on the 49ers offense. Each does something different and fantastically and that makes defenses guess even more at what the 49ers are about to do.

The offensive line isn't perfect, but it doesn't always have to be when they have Trent Williams at left tackle. He is not only the best left tackle in the game, but he probably ranks as one of the top five players. Thankfully for the Seahawks, he is 35 years old so maybe he only has a couple of more years to play at an extremely high level against Seattle?

But with the proven pieces San Francisco has and with the excellent offensive coaching staff leading them, it's difficult to argue they are the best offsense in the NFC West. The Seahawks are getting a bit closer, hopefully. Maybe by 2024, Seattle will be number one.

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