Former Seahawks DB Richard Sherman to be Skip Bayless' new co-host on "Undisputed"?

One report has Richard Sherman potentially teaming up with Skip Bayless on the program
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Most athletes need to find something to do post-career. But former Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman joining Skip Bayless on FOX Sports 1's "Undisputed" makes complete sense. Sherman is an opinionated and smart person who isn't afraid to speak his mind and won't back off from a verbal dispute. Skip Bayless is, of course, Skip Bayless, for all that is worth.

"Undisputed" has been on the air since 2016 and started with Bayless and former NFL player Shannon Sharpe. Sharpe left the show in June and had his contract bought out. Over the prior six months or so, Bayless and Sharpe have had a few very acrimonious on-air disagreements. This mostly seems egged on by Bayless who has only ever been a talking head and not an athlete so this is the only way he's ever had to draw attention to himself.

FOX Sports has been looking for a replacement since June, and there could possibly be many who don't want to work with Bayless. Bayless seems to clearly antagonize as he must think it makes for good TV. Good conversation, even if a bit heated, can. But personal attacks, which Bayless does at times, do not. I'm honestly not sure why he keeps his job at times.

Former Seahawks corner Richard Sherman reportedly a potential partner for Skip Bayless

All of that said, a matchup of Bayless and Richard Sherman (the New York Post reported Sherman and Bayless met on Wednesday about a potential pairing of the two on "Undisputed") should make for the kind of television FOX Sports once. We've already seen how Sherman and Bayless can vehemently disagree with one another. When Sherman was playing for the Seahawks he appeared on an episode of ESPN's "First Take", Bayless' former show with Stephen A. Smith, and Bayless and Sherman got into a testy discussion about how good of a player Sherman was.

If that conversation resembles anything that would be aired on a potential match between Sherman and Bayless on "Undisputed" then that may make for watchable TV. But consistently watchable? That's doubtful.

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Sherman having his own show or a program with someone else is a fantastic idea. Sherman proved he had a great sense of humor when he played with the Seahawks and would show up to press conferences in costume at times, like the classic one where he was dressed as someone from Hogwarts. He has also shown he can get into a dispute with someone and still have a wry sense of humor.

Bayless, however, seems humorless. He speaks his opinions as if they are fact and does so in a grating manner. Sherman might should say no to a pairing with Bayless simply because Sherman can do better than Skip.

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