3 ridiculous things that happened in the Seattle Seahawks Week 2 victory

Seattle defeated the Detroit Lions in Week 2 to move to 1-1.
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Geno Smith was called for the worst intentional grounding call ever

There were so many things wrong with the intentional grounding call against Geno Smith in the fourth quarter of Week 2. Smith had checked off on the play and it appeared everyone heard the change of play except for Tyler Lockett who was out wide to Smith's right. The ball was snapped, Smith, under zero pressure, threw the ball to where he thought Lockett would be going, only Lockett had cut off his route far early thinking he was supposed to run a short curl instead of a post.

Smith's pass landing far away from anyone on the field but it was extremely clear that Smith wasn't trying to get rid of the ball; There was no reason for him to. He threw the ball about a second after the snap with no Lions around him. Yet the officials somehow thought Geno Smith was trying to throw the ball away and called him for intentional grounding.

According to the NFL rulebook, intentional grounding is this: "It is a foul for intentional grounding if a passer, facing an imminent loss of yardage because of pressure from the defense, throws a forward pass without a realistic chance of completion." The referees during the Seahawks and Lions simply forgot about the middle part of that wording.

But then the referee who was telling us about the atrocious call started giving us the news when Geno Smith ran over to him to complain about the awfulness and the referee arrogantly says, which you can hear on his mic, "I am talking to America here." Wow. Somebody thinks they are special. Thankfully, the Seahawks scored a touchdown on the drive, otherwise that awful call could have changed the outcome of the game.