3 ridiculous things that happened in the Seattle Seahawks Week 2 victory

Seattle defeated the Detroit Lions in Week 2 to move to 1-1.
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The Seahawks pick off Jared Goff but there's more oddness

Lions quarterback Jared Goff doesn't throw interceptions very often. In fact, he hadn't thrown one for 384 straight passes, third longest streak in NFL history, until Seahawks cornerback Tre Brown intercepted a pass in the fourth quarter of Week 2. One of the reasons Brown was picked to get one of the outside starting corner spots is that he has the potential to create turnovers in a way 2022 starter cannot.

So while it was odd enough that Seattle intercepted Goff for the second straight season - since Detroit played Seattle in Week 4 of 2022, Goff had thrown just 4 interceptions and none in 10 games - it was also the second straight year that the Seahawks had gotten a pick-six off of Goff. Also oddly, in 2022, Riq Woolen intercepted Goff at the 40-yard line and returned the interception for a touchdown. Tre Brown also had a 40-yard interception return.

Woolen's pick-six in 2022 put Seattle's point total at the time to 31 (with the extra-point that followed) and after the interception, Seattle led 31-15. After Brown returned his interception, along with the extra-point, Seattle also got to 31 points. Seattle took a 31-21 lead in Week 2 with Brown's pick. Coincidence, right? And weird.

And very likely Seattle doesn't win either the 2022 game or the 2023 one without those interception returns. While theoretically Seattle would have tied Detroit for the same number of points in Week 2, the game wouldn't have gone to overtime with Brown's score. Seattle's decision to start Brown over Jackson got them a victory they might not otherwise have gotten.

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