Seahawks rivals: Rams get it all wrong by taking Stetson Bennett

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The Los Angeles Rams are the gift that keeps giving for the Seattle Seahawks and the rest of the NFC West this offseason. LA dumped a bunch of really good players, didn't really sign anyone to take their spots, didn't have much draft capital, and seem to be wasting the little bit of relatively early draft picks they did have. In the fourth round, the Rams chose quarterback Stetson Bennett.

Bennett was the college equivalent of Trent Dilfer in the last few seasons. Sure, his team won games, but they didn't win because of Stetson. He didn't elevate the team really, he just didn't lose games for them. Georgia's defense was so loaded and the offense had enough weapons so that the team was able to dominate most games.

Bennett's numbers were good last year. They should have been. For a player with so much starting experience and with so much talent around him, anything less than very good numbers would have been terrible. Bennett was to Georgia what Brock Purdy was to the San Francisco 49ers. But someone should tell Bennett he is now going to the NFL equivalent of Vanderbilt.

The Seahawks should send a thank you card to the Rams and Stetson Bennett

But Bennett isn't going to be good in the NFL and one should wonder if the Rams only see him as a career backup. There are a bunch of concerns about Stetson joining the Rams, if you are an LA fan. Here are a few of them.

First, I haven't looked this up, but I am pretty sure Stetson Bennett might actually be older than Matthew Stafford. Heck, I haven't checked on this either but as both are Georgia quarterbacks, I wonder if Stetson was actually on the roster when Stafford started for the Bulldogs. In all honesty, Stetson will be just 26 years old during the 2023 regular season. But think of it this way: Stetson is within a year of being the same age as Joe Burrow, Josh Allen, and Kyler Murray and Stetson has never played a down in the NFL.

Secondly, Stetson isn't overly athletic and he is short for an NFL quarterback. Stetson is only 5'11" and 190 pounds. He wouldn't be very good if he was 6'5" but now we know he is ancient for an NFL rookie and small for a quarterback.

My assumption was that the Rams took Stetson after watching the Philadelphia Eagles take so many Georgia players and thinking they needed to as well. There is a difference, though. The Eagles are going to be very good in 2023. Los Angeles is not.

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The Rams shredded talent this offseason and now they seem to intentionally be choosing players without much talent in the draft. It's weird to see this from an NFL team. No matter, at the end of the day this will only help the Seattle Seahawks and the Seahawks should send Los Angeles a thank you card. But Los Angeles would probably drop that too.