Looking into Seahawks rookie deal extension candidates and what they might get

Do Brown, Eskridge, or Forsythe deserve extensions?

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The Hawks have a better option than the overachieving Tre Brown

I have no doubts that the only player the Seahawks might even consider extending beyond this year is Tre Brown. As Lee Vowell wrote way back in May of last year, Brown was a forgotten man coming into 2023. Injuries derailed him in both 2021 and 2022, but he was able to return last season, albeit to much more competition at his position.

The Seahawks added Riq Woolen in 2022 and Devon Witherspoon in 2023, and Michael Jackson was still on the roster as well. Despite the crowded defensive backfield, Brown proved his worth. He had a few rough games, most notably in Week 1 versus the Rams, but he wasn't exactly alone in that regard.

Overall, Tre Brown acquitted himself quite well. He only had two interceptions, but that tied for second on the team. He also had one of the Seahawks' three pick-sixes on the season. Depending on your source, he had a passer rating allowed of either 90.0 or 94.1 (pro-football-reference vs PFF). As a point of reference, Michael Jackson allowed a passer rating of either 95.1 or 93.5, same sources. Brown broke up four passes to Jackson's five, although he did surrender two TDs to Jackson's zero. Amazingly, both sites agree on those latter stats. Still, Jackson was the more consistent player between the two.

According to PFF (paywall alert), Brown's ranking slots between free agent corners Kenny Moore II of the Colts and Adoree' Jackson of the Giants. There's a very large spread between the two, but they're the closest free agents that bracket Brown's ratings. Moore is expected to garner an offer of two years for a total of $13.5 million, while Jackson (Adoree') should see a deal for one year at $7 million. Of the three players on 2021 rookie contracts, Brown is certainly the most accomplished. He also plays a position of considerable depth for the Hawks.

That depth should give Seattle reason to pause before tendering Brown an extension. Considering that Michael Jackson is a restricted free agent this year, they'd be better served extending his contract than Brown's. Jackson was ranked just two slots behind Kenny Moore by PFF this year and was excellent in 2022. I'd rather see the Seahawks sign Mike Jack to a deal similar to that expected for Moore, and keep one of the Hawks' few strengths intact.

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