Three Seahawks 2023 rookies that should have the biggest impact

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Seahawks impact player No. 2: Running back Zach Charbonnet

Seattle entered the draft with two running backs: Kenneth Walker III and DeeJay Dallas. They came out of the draft with two more RBs in Charbonnet and seventh-round choice Kenny McIntosh. Walker should still be expected to be the starter and he was very good in 2022, but in the NFL teams need multiple good running backs as they get banged up so easily.

12s are no strangers to seeing the top two (or sometimes three) running backs get hurt at one time and some random RB4 has to start. This happened in 2022 when Tony Jones actually had to play meaningful snaps for Seattle. My point is that while Walker is good and Dallas is a decent backup, Seattle needed more quality RBs.

Charbonnet is a back that doesn't mind contact and can run through tackles. He is worthy of being a number-one back on many teams. There should be little doubt that he is going to get lots of reps as part of a rotation with Walker but not only in 2023 but in 2024 as well. Having Charbonnet on the team keeps Walker fresh and vice versa.

I saw one person tweet that he was upset that the Seahawks took Charbonnet because of how it might make Walker feel. Here's the thing: Teams don't avoid taking players because they think one of their current players might get their feelings hurt. The 6-foot and 220-pound Charbonnet is only going to help extend Walker's career because Walker won't take such a beating. Plus, Charbonnet is a beast near the goal line with 39 rushing touchdowns in his college career.