Seattle Seahawks 53-man roster projection after preseason Week 2

The Seahawks have just one preseason game left to make some tough roster decision before final cuts are made on August 29th.
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The Seattle Seahawks defeated the Dallas Cowboys in preseason Week 2 and Seattle is now 2-0 in the 2023 preseason. The win-loss record doesn't really matter, however. What does is how some players look while practicing against players wearing different uniforms than they do.

In other words, we learned a few things about certain players against the Cowboys and that's what we are supposed to learn during the preseason. Some players, such as Michael Jackson, were disappointing. But other players, like Levi Bell, were exciting to watch and are so far exceeding expectations by quite a lot.

So who do I think would make the Seahawks roster if Week 1 were Sunday? What follows is my latest guess.

Quarterbacks (2)

Geno Smith, Drew Lock

This unit is set, obviously. Geno Smith will be the starter and Drew Lock QB2. Smith looked solid in the two drives he played against the Dallas Cowboys, though the offensive scheme was still very vanilla and there was no DK Metcalf. Basically, Seattle just wanted Smith to get in some glorified practice reps and not get hurt. That plan worked.

Drew Lock was even better in preseason Week 2 than he was in preseason Week 1. Supposedly, the plan was to give Lock a lot of snaps against the Cowboys, but then late in the first half Lock's leg got rolled up some and Seattle decided to not risk Lock to a long-term injury and took him out. He finished 5 of 6 passing for 119 yards with one of those being a dime to receiver Jaxon Smith-Njigba for 48 yards.

Holton Ahlers is an exciting player to watch, though shouldn't be trusted with real snaps at this point. He won't make the active roster but hopefully will land on the practice squad. Plus, with the new NFL rule about teams carrying three QBs during the game, he can at least stand on the sidelines and learn.