Seahawks Rumors: 3 players Seattle should definitely not trade at the deadline

The NFL trade deadline is on October 31.
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The Seattle Seahawks don't always make a move at the trade deadline, but when they do it's usually a major one. In 2020, Seattle traded for Carlos Dunlap who then had 5 sacks in eight games for Seattle the rest of the year. In 2017, Seattle traded for left tackle Duane Brown and Brown made two Pro Bowls over the next five years with the Seahawks.

But to get those excellent players, Seattle had to give up other ones, of course. The risk with any trade is that what you give up might turn out to be better than what you give back. If Seattle is going to make a move, they may have to give up players they are completely comfortable having left.

Seattle shouldn't give up any higher-round draft picks either. Unless the Kansas City Chiefs decide they want to give Seattle quarterback Patrick Mahomes for a second-round choice, for instance, then Seattle should eschew giving away high draft choices. That means if Seattle wants a certain player, they should offer a third-rounder or later and some current players. But let's hope the following three aren't moved at the trade deadline.

Seattle Seahawks should not trade edge rusher Darrell Taylor

If I had to answer, "Should the Seahawks trade Darrell Taylor at the deadline?" last week, I would have likely said "yes." Depending, of course, on what Seattle was going to get back for Taylor. But a week later Seattle has lost edge rusher Uchenna Nwosu for the season and Taylor had 1.5 sacks against the Arizona Cardinals in Week 7.

Sure, you can't decide to trade a player on how they do in one game, obviously, but Taylor has always been a streaky player and he might be about to go on a good run. And while Seattle helped replace Nwosu by signing Frank Clark, Clark is still more of a defensive end than an outside linebacker like Nwosu was. Also, Taylor has been a bit better in run support this year and that might - might - mean he is capable of being a three-down EDGE.

But the main reason I wouldn't trade Taylor is he has shown to be extremely productive when he does hit a good streak and he is still basically under team control for another year. Due to Taylor missing his rookie season with a leg injury, Taylor won't hit unrestricted free agency until 2025. In 2024, he is a restricted free agent so if another team chooses to try to sign him, Seattle will probably have put a decent tender on Taylor and can get something better back for him next year.