Seahawks were saved from making a wretched mistake by Falcons' boneheaded move

Seattle got their first-round pick correct with Byron Murphy II.
Steph Chambers/GettyImages

The Seattle Seahawks decided to stand pat in the first round of the 2024 NFL draft as they did not trade back in an attempt to pick up a second-round choice. Instead, Seattle made a smart move and chose defensive tackle Byron Murphy II from Texas. Murphy is quick and strong and should be a Week 1 starter who makes an immediate impact.

But general manager John Schneider almost made a horrible move that could have wrecked the rest of the 2024 draft as well as potentially the 2025 draft. For whatever reason, the New York Giants told him no. 12s should send a thank you card to the Giants this weekend.

According to The 33rd Team, Seattle was one of several teams that attempted to trade up to pick number 6 to take Washington quarterback Michael Penix, Jr. Thankfully, Penix did not fall to pick 16 so the Seahawks would have had to choose to either take Murphy or Penix. The Falcons took the Penix option away.

Seattle Seahawks reportedly almost made a trade to try to draft Michael Penix, Jr.

Atlanta had no business taking Penix as the Falcons signed Kirk Cousins this offseason and Cousins' massive contract means Atlanta cannot entertain releasing him until the 2026 offseason. By that time, Penix will be 26. Falcons fans have to be asking themselves what their favorite team was thinking by wasting a high first-round choice on a player who doesn't have a place to play for at least a few years.

The same would have happened in Seattle, too. Geno Smith is definitely QB1 in 2024 and possibly 2025 as well. Sam Howell will back him up. Both quarterbacks are under contract through 2025. But what would have been worse is giving up the draft capital and/or talented players that Seattle would have had to give the Giants (or any other team that did not choose a quarterback before the Falcons) in order to move up to choose Penix.

One can assume since the Seahawks do not have a second-round choice that Seattle would have had to give up the number 16 pick in the 2024 draft and likely their first-round selection in 2025 as well. All for a quarterback who may or may not work out in the NFL but one who certainly would not be a starter for the Seahawks for a year or two.

No offense to Penix, of course. He appears to be a good guy and hopefully, he does well. But he would have been a bad choice for Seattle and 12s should be thankful that no one was interested in any offer John Schneider reportedly made.

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