Seattle Seahawks Schedule 2023: Game-by-game predictions for upcoming season

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The Seattle Seahawks 2023 schedule has finally been released. While 12s knew which opponents their favorite team was going to play this coming season, we didn't know when until now. So now we can make our travel plans!

Seattle doesn't have an easy schedule, however. This year they play their rotation of the AFC North and NFC East and both of those divisions are pretty good. There really isn't a true weaklink among them. The Seahawks also play one more road game than home so that's against them as well.

Other than the AFC North and NFC East, Seattle players its fellow NFC West foes twice (of course) along with the improving Detroit Lions and a team that defeated Seattle in 2022, the Carolina Panthers. Seattle also plays the Baltimore Ravens and Tennesee Titans. So what will happen in 2023? Here is an early guess.

Seattle Seahawks game-by-game predictions for the 2023 season

Week 1: Seahawks kick off the season at home versus the Rams at 1:25 pm PT

The Rams aren't as talented as they have been. Los Angeles lost a ton of defensive talent and lost a couple of receivers so aren't as good offensively either. But they have one thing that always seems to give the Seahawks fits and that is their uniforms. No matter how good or bad the Rams have been since 2014, Seattle seems to struggle against the Rams.

Plus, Los Angeles is still a well-coached team by Sean McVay. As injured as Los Angeles was both times they played Seattle in 2022, the Seahawks still only outscored Los Angeles by a combined 7 points last season. Seattle is better overall but the Rams still wear their same uniforms and beat the Seahawks in the season opener 20-17.