Seattle Seahawks Schedule 2023: Game-by-game predictions for upcoming season

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Seahawks game-by-game predictions Weeks 14 and 15

Seattle at the San Francisco 49ers, Week 14 at 1:05 pm PT

The 49ers still appear to be the superior team to the Seahawks because San Francisco's strengths go against Seattle's weaknesses. The 49ers can run and Seattle will likely still be better against the pass. San Francisco can chase down quarterbacks and Seattle's offensive line still needs a bit of work on the right side.

On the road in...well, wherever the 49ers play their home games, San Francisco gets two early touchdowns and Seattle plays from behind the entire game. Seattle makes a bit of a run in the third quarter but it never feels like they are truly going to win the game. The 49ers win 31-20.

Seattle at home versus the Philadelphia Eagles, Week 15 at 1:25 pm PT

The Eagles are such a tough team. They are excellent defensively and offensively and I get the feeling they just assume they are the best team in the NFC. It's great to have that kind of confidence, but it can also be a team's downfall. Philadelphia might not have even made it to the NFC championship game in 2022 if San Francisco had a healthy quarterback.

This should be a game where the Seahawks want to prove themselves. Most view the Eagles as better right now, but Seattle could be the Bennie Blanco to the Eagles Carlito Brigante. Seattle might be even younger and hungrier than the Eagles and use this as a measuring point. Seattle wins 27-24.