Seattle Seahawks shockingly low in FanSided's power rankings heading into Week 2

Seattle faces the Detroit Lions in Week 2 at Ford Ford.
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The way the Seattle Seahawks played in Week 1, they deserve to drop in any power ranking. Seattle was expected to be a potential playoff team, and maybe they still will be, but against the Los Angeles Rams Seattle looked closer to a team getting a top-five draft choice in the 2024 NFL draft. The second half of Week 1 was the worst Seahawks offensive output in three decades. It was ugly.

But is Seattle truly a bottom-of-the-league team or was their horribleness simply Week 1 being a Week 1? I mean, the New York Giants are probably bound to score at some point in 2023, but based on Week 1 (a 40-0 loss to the Dallas Cowboys) they are on their way to being outscored 680-0 in 2023. That's very unlikely to happen.

But FanSided's Russell Baxter (who I have spoken with many times and I can attest is a very nice guy and knows football extremely well) says the Seahawks are currently the sixth-worst team in the NFL. Baxter put Seattle 27th in his power rankings ahead of Week 2. The Giants were 32nd, of course, and Seattle plays them in Week 4 so fingers crossed that is a victory for the Seahawks.

Seattle Seahawks plummet in FanSided's power rankings ahead of Week 2

Is Baxter wrong in ranking Seattle 27? Maybe. Overall, even as bad as Seattle was in Week 1, they still are likely at worst a backend of the middle of the NFL team. Seattle still has 16 more games to play and has added talent to a team that went 9-8 last year. The schedule is tough toward the end of the season and Seattle needs to pick up several wins now and that begins with a Week 2 victory over the Lions.

Plus, if it makes you feel better, Baxter had the Cincinnati Bengals ranked 26. There is no way that the Bengals are suddenly the seventh-worst team in the NFL, but Baxter based his rankings on Week 1 alone, not what he thinks of the teams overall.

At least the Arizona Cardinals were even lower than Seattle as they ranked 30. Seattle's Week 2 opponent, the Lions, were 4. Ick. That doesn't bode well for Seattle.

Still, let's hope Seattle moves to 1-1 with a victory over Detroit on Sunday and then the Seahawks skyrocket up the power rankings. Or, you know, Geno Smith and the offense will lay an egg in Week 2, especially since the team will likely be missing offensive tackles Charles Cross and Abraham Lucas (Lucas was placed on IR and won't return until at least Week 6).

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