Seahawks still shockingly trail one bad team in FanSided's Week 2 power rankings

Seattle moves up the power rankings after their Week 2 victory over the Lions but a team or two above them don't deserve the ranking.
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After an atrocious showing in Week 1, the Seattle Seahawks sat at number 27 in FanSided's weekly NFL power rankings. 27 was probably a bit too low for a team that made the playoffs in 2022 and likely has a bit more talent on the 2023 roster. But Seattle did look so horrible against the Los Angeles Rams that the argument could be made for that low spot.

The Detroit Lions were a top-five squad after Week 1, though. Seattle went into Detroit in Week 2 and defeated the Lions in overtime. There was no gimmick to it; Seattle was just the better team. But the victory only moved Seattle from 27 to 20 in the new power rankings.

OK, fine. Maybe the excellent (and I mean that) Russell Baxter, who puts the power rankings together, just needs the Seahawks to prove they are as good as they showed in Week 2 all over again. Is Seattle really what they showed in Week 1 or Week 2? Because those appeared to be two completely different teams.

Seattle Seahawks get a bit disrespected in FanSided's Week 2 power rankings

The issue I have with the power rankings this week isn't where Seattle is ranked, but who is ranked above them. At number 19 sits the New York Giants. The Giants were absolutely toasted in Week 1 by the Dallas Cowboys 40-0. Then in Week 2, New York had to come back from 21 points down in the second half to beat a bad Arizona Cardinals team. I don't know how a person can look at the Seahawks beating the Lions in Detroit and a Giants team that didn't score in the first six quarters of the season and think New York is better.

At least Seattle has a chance in Week 4 to prove they are the better team. The Giants and the Seahawks play that week. Seattle beat the Giants in 2022, and they should do so again in 2023.

The other team I have an issue being ranked over the Seahawks is the Indianapolis Colts. Indy is ranked at number 18. They have also won one game but they beat a bad Houston Texans team and allowed rookie quarterback C.J. Stroud to throw for 384 yards and 2 touchdowns. The Colts own rookie quarterback, Anthony Richardson, was OK, but then he suffered a concussion and is likely to miss Week 3.

The Seahawks might have done this to themselves, I guess. Of course, Seattle doesn't really get the respect they deserve anyway. We call it east coast bias, right? But Seattle might have to keep proving they aren't the Week 1 team that laid the proverbial egg.

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