3 sleepers that could make the Seattle Seahawks roster in 2023

The Seahawks have several well-known players who should be stars, but some unknown guys might make the difference in 2023.
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Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Jake Bobo

Jake Bobo is a big man. The reason he wasn't drafted this year is because he isn't fast. NFL teams ideally want their receivers to be big and fast, but at least fast. Still, Bobo has great hands and doesn't mind being hit. He could potentially be an excellent red zone target for Geno Smith, or maybe even line up in a tight end set if three TEs are on the field at once, just to try to confuse the defense.

Other than the lack of speed, Bobo can do several things well. With his size - he is 6'4" and 210 pounds - he can block in run support and isn't afraid to do so. He also has the strength to battle for contested passes. Despite his lack of deep speed, he is quick off the line. That might help in red zone situations as long as he can beat his man initially, then turn and catch an out pass from Smith near the goal line.

A potential problem for Bobo is just how many receivers the Seahawks want to keep on the roster. That number should be at least four, and likely five. The first three receivers are set with DK Metcalf, Tyler Lockett, and Jaxon Smith-Njigba. WR4 might be a battle between Dee Esrkirdge and Dareke Young. If Seattle does keep five WRs, there might be a couple of key reasons Bobo sticks.

One reason is that Seattle simply needs another big receiver. Smith-Njigba and Lockett should be good, but both are smaller and quicker. Metcalf is tall but usually draped by two defensive backs. Bobo is more like Young so that could be a reason Bobo doesn't make the active roster. The other reason Bobo does is that maybe Seattle simply wants to eventually have him gain weight and move into more of a tight end role.