3 Seahawks players whose stock has fallen ahead of 2023 training camp

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Seattle Seahawks cornerback Coby Bryant is trending down

I hate to be the guy that disses Bryant when he is literally entering his second season in the NFL and he helped somewhat resolve the Seahawks' issue at slot corner in 2022. But the fact is that he wasn't that great as a nickel. Plus, it should be noted he was chosen in the draft as an outside corner and didn't seem to be good enough to hold up well in the NFL while playing outside.

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In 2022, Bryant allowed a quarterback rating of 116.5 (that's not good) and 12.2 yards per completion while allowing 75 percent of the passes to be completed when he was targeted. All of those are bad numbers. Sure, he was a rookie and playing in a different spot than he had in college, but he still needs to be a lot better this coming season.

I really doubt that Seattle sees Devon Witherspoon as a slot corner (at least I hope they don't because who take a nickeback fifth overall in an NFL draft?), but in minicamp Witherspoon saw significant reps in the slot while the overachieving Mike Jackson was playing outside. Of course, minicamp is a time to experiment and Bryant was actually out with a sprained toe for much of minicamp. Still, Jackson was pretty decent in 2022 and if Witherspoon fits - for now - in the slot and does a good job then Bryant is out of a job.

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Add to that the Seahawks signed safety Julian Love this offseason and he is also capable of playing the slot if not having to play strong safety (assuming a miracle happens and Jamal Adams plays at some point in 2023). Bryant then might be three-deep at the slot if Jackson plays outside corner with Witherspoon in the slot and Adams is healthy. No matter what Coby Bryant needs to be better in 2023 than he was in 2022.