Seahawks reportedly have strong interest in this quarterback in the 2024 NFL draft

Seattle is reportedly hosting a quarterback on a top-30 visit.

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The 2024 NFL draft is a little over a month away. Besides teams going to players' pro days, teams can bring players in for a pre-draft visit (or meet with the player at a different location for a physical examination), but only up to 30 players. There could be a lot of reasons the Seattle Seahawks do not host a player, but clearly, they have an interest in the ones they do.

For instance, if the Seahawks are interested in drafting Michael Penix, Jr., there is very little reason Seattle would need to have Penix visit team facilities. Heck, if they want to interview Penix, they could even randomly run into him on University Avenue and ask him a few questions. But there is not even a need for that.

New Seahawks offensive coordinator Ryan Grubb coached Penix at the University of Washington so Grubb knows everything there is to know about Penix. With nothing else to learn, why waste a top-30 visit on him? There is no need.

Seattle Seahawks seem to have their eye on John Rhys Plumlee

Instead, Seattle might bring players in who NFL teams do not know as well. This is likely the case with Central Florida quarterback John Rhys Plumlee. The team is reportedly hosting the QB on a visit this week. The question many 12s might ask themselves is, "Why?"

Seattle has two quarterbacks on the 2024 roster, Geno Smith and Sam Howell. There is really no room for a rookie quarterback who might have to be forced to the practice squad so that the Seahawks can keep a roster spot open for a player who produces at a different position. The risk with taking a player in the draft with hopes of him eventually being on the practice squad is that he would have to be released after final cuts are made and another team could sign him before Seattle could then sign him to the practice squad.

Or maybe general manager John Schneider has other plans. Maybe he thinks he might make a move with one of the current quarterbacks that could open up a spot for the team to choose Plumlee. Sam Howell might make the most sense to keep as he is on an extremely inexpensive contract for the next two years.

Why might Seattle be interested in Plumlee, however? He is 6'1" (at best) but only 190 pounds. He seems too small to hold up to NFL-style punishment. Plus, he only played quarterback for two full years and was just as successful as a baseball player.

That last point is somewhat important. Plumlee has decent arm strength but is far from elite. But in short to intermediate throws, he is accurate and has good velocity. He is also a terrific athlete. He has very good speed for a quarterback and has the ability to elude a pass rush. Still, Plumlee is definitely a project that should not be getting NFL reps for a couple of years.

That might be what Schneider hopes. At best, Plumlee is a Day 3 pick. But the Seahawks might be hoping he goes undrafted and then snaps him up as an undrafted free agent. That would allow Seattle to groom Plumlee for important reps as needed.

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