3 studs and duds from the Seahawks Week 1 to the Rams

There were so many duds for Seattle in this game. So many.

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Pete Carroll, I love you, man, but you were the biggest dud of the game

No, I'm not one of those who annually bemoan our coaching staff. Oh, I've been critical of the staff at times, certainly. But no, I don't think the game has passed Pete Carroll by. I certainly don't think he runs the ball too much. I mean, duh. Anyone who thinks that needs to watch the Hawks final play of Super Bowl XLIX again, then get back to me.

He isn't perfect, no. None of us are. Well, okay, Keanu Reeves, maybe, but other than him, no one. Despite all that, Pete Carroll is without a doubt the greatest coach in Seahawks history.

That doesn't mean he doesn't make mistakes. He stopped using his best weapon against the Rams by taking the ball out of Walker's hands. He didn't jerk a knot in Metcalf's neck when he committed the same stupid penalty he's been committing since he got here. Pete always says we've talked about it, we had a great conversation. No Pete, you didn't have a great conversation, not when it keeps happening. I'm all for the players' coaching style, absolutely. But at some point, it's time to say you've had enough.

Worst of all, the Seahawks came out flat. They didn't look sharp in the firsthalf, but muddled through to a 13-7 lead. Then the wheels came off in the second half. Heck, the suspension bottomed out and the whole chassis fell off. Matthew Stafford is an excellent quarterback, but the Rams aren't even a good team. That second-half performance was inexcusable, and that lies completely on the shoulders of Pete Carroll. I'm certain he'll turn it around, as will the team. But for week one, his performance was a complete dud.

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