Three big surprises on the latest Seattle Seahawks unofficial depth chart

The Seahawks PR department has released the latest unofficial depth chart ahead of preseason Week 2.
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Seattle Seahawks WR Matt Landers listed over Dareke Young

Matt Landers looks like a receiver capable of doing great things at times. He is 6'4" and 200 pounds and ran a 4.37 40 before the 2023 NFL draft. Yet, he still went undrafted. Did teams just whiff completely on him, even Seattle during the draft, simply because he bounced around to a couple of colleges and didn't have a great quarterback in his last year at the University of Arkansas?

To reference a point made previously in this article, Landers listed above Young might just be a matter of Young being banged up recently. Young injured his hip, but he did return to practice this week. Hopefully he will be able to play in preseason Week 2 against the Dallas Cowboys and get a chance to catch a few passes. Young flashed in the two passes he caught in 2022 that maybe he could be a capable WR4.

But Landers is faster than Young and is two inches taller. Young, however, has had to work his entire football life to reach the NFL so maybe his drive to be a good player is higher than Landers' as Landers has always had better physical skill than most of the players he played with. That is just a guess, though, and I cannot say that is true with any conviction.

Though Landers was playing against backups of backups when he caught his touchdown pass against the Vikings, he still showed a bunch of wiggle after he caught the ball. But he only caught one of his three targets and he played on 23 pass snaps. If Young can play versus the Cowboys, hopefully, he can play a lot. If he has a good game, he should jump Landers on the depth chart.

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