4 surprising candidates to make the Seattle Seahawks 53-man roster in 2023

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Jerrick Reed II - Seahawks safety

Jerrick Reed has a lot in common with Quandre Diggs. Both are about the same size - 5'9" and around 200 pounds - and both have good quickness if not outright Olympic speed. Both players in college played cornerback and some safety. Of course, the main difference now is that Diggs has made himself from a player without a true home coming into the NFL into one of the better safeties in the league.

Reed, however and like Digs, will not back down when challenged. He plays bigger than he is and isn't afraid to stick his nose in and make a tackle. He had 182 combined tackles in his final two years. And there's something about his tenacity that the Seahawks brass absolutely loved in pre-draft interviews. So much so that a player that could have been undrafted Seattle chose to take in the sixth round as they didn't want another team sneaking in and taking him.

Reed is going to first half to make his name on special teams. There's no place for him right now at safety or at cornerback. But that doesn't mean he will come into training camp acting like he doesn't deserve to start somewhere.

If Reed can, and he likely will, prove his worth on special teams, he's going to get a chance to have a few reps at safety or slot corner. He can force turnovers, so as long as he doesn't try to do too much on a play so that he gets out of position, he should be solid. Heck, as injured as Seattle's safeties get during the season (see: Jamal Adams), Reed could even end up being a spot starter at times.